Discover / Wines / Liliac - Feteasca Alba 2013

Grape harvest and winemaking:

A yellow colour with green reflections indicates a young, fresh and invigorating wine. It opens up with aromas of wild flowers and ripe pear. The taste reveals a well-defined body with citric hints and a slightly bitter, grapefruit flavoured finish. It’s a wine with personality, elegant and tasteful.

Wine tasting:

Name: Liliac

Apelatie : DOC Lechinta

Variety: White Feteasca 


Color/Aspect: intense yellow 

Nose/Aroma: flowery, with wild flowers aromas, the finish reveals also shades of ripe pears and yellow melon.

Taste: well rounded body with hints of citrus and long, slightly bitter aftertaste, specific to the varitty of grapes, with notes of grapefruit

Concluzii/helpiung recommendation – can be served at the beginning of the meal, as an aperitif, or as a companion to light dishes based on fish, safood, sweet unfermented cheerses, white meats or even fresh fruit, at the end of the meal.

Alcohol : 13 %vol