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Grape harvest and winemaking:

Cadarca Stonewine 2011: a wine with a remarkable hostorical significance, it used to be the staple wine of the Imperial Court of Austria. It comes from an over 70-year-old plantation with rocky and thin soils, rich in iron oxydes and micri-elements which confer body, elegance to ther wine, as well as sharp aphrodisiac character. A typically spicy wine, with aromas of overripe forest fruit and a slight but very pleasant acidity. It is the type of wine which mirrors the terroir character of the Minis area.

Wine tasting:

Region/Classification:  DOC Minis

Type(s): Cadarca

Alcohol: 14%

Color: dark red with purple shades

Nose: Zserbo cookie aromas- grilled wallnut, chocolate glazing, cinnamon and sour cherry jam (the original recipe with with apricot jam) or even sherry 

Taste: medium-bodied, brown acidity, fruntness, mild tannins, pleasant astringency, slightly spicy finish. Well integrated wood.

Conclusions/Serving suggestions and food associations:  easily chilled, it is a good companion to grills and cheese plates, at room temperature is is an excellent partner to traditional Romanian dishes.