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Grape harvest and winemaking:

The wine-growing Pinot Noir plantation destined for the Bendis Roe sparkling wine is located on a hill with western exposure, at an altitude of 142-171 m above sea level. The climate is continental, with temperatures of down to 115 degrees C in the winter and 40 degrees C in the summer, and an annual rainfall between 600 mm and 800 mm. The soil is weakly acid, argillous/marshy.

The soil is cultivates through summer works and fertilization with green manure at the end of the autums/beginning of the winter., avoiding the use of chemical weed-killers.  In exchange. mechanical weed-fighting equipment is used, by cutting their roots, and loosening the soil.

Treatment of grape vines: All maintenance works of the grape vines are done by hand. The treatments used for the prevention of the diseases are reduced to a minimum level and products suited for biological viticulture are especially used. The prevention of the diseases is made especially through a particular attention during the phases of trimming and maintaining the foliar apparatus.

Cultivation system: Guyot system, with 5,000 plants/ha

Production: 780 ml/plant


Hand-picked grapes

Manual selection of the grape clusters and the grape berries

Fermentation for 15 days in small holders

Second fermentation in autoclave for approximately 60 days.

The Bendis Rose sparkling wine is aged in bottles for two months and should be preserved at a temperature of 10 degrees C, in a dry and dark place.

Wine tasting:

Wine Name: Bendis Rose, sparkling wine

Region/Appellation: Banat, Romania 

Grape Variety: Pinot Noir

Vintage: 2013

Color and Appearance: strawberry pink, bright and intriguing.

Nose/Aroma: The nose is almost shy but are net refined notes of red currant, wild strawberries and flowers with lightly touches of citrus and vegetals.

Mouth/Flavors: rich and intense flavors of wild strawberries, oranges and soft notes of white pepper. 

Alcohol: 12.0%

Acidity: 6.4 g/l

Sugar: 11.1 g/l

Aging in bottles : 2 months

To keep at : 10°C in a dry place

Served at : 10°C

Conclusions/Impressions/Food Pairing - : Seafood, fresh cheeses, white meat