Discover / Wines / Davino - Domaine Ceptura 2010

Grape harvest and winemaking:

Produced only in favorable years. The three varieties that make up the blend are processed separately. The grapes have been selected on a fixed sorting table and have been processed through a managed flux. A classic winemaking method has been used, on marc, in small stainless steel tanks, at 26-28oC. Cabernet Sauvignon – 22-28 days, Merlot – 16-18 days, Black Feteasca – 12- 14 days. The malolactic fermentation has been completed immediately after the alcoholic one. The blend contains grapes form the most valuable lots, the percentage of each variety being determined after 2 – 3 months of trials through microsamples. 80% aged in small Romanian oak barrels (225 litres) for 10 months and 20% in stainless steel tanks. Bottle aged for a minimum of 22 months.

Wine tasting:

Region/Appelation – Dealul Mare/ Ceptura 

LIMPIDITY Limpid - crystalline.

COLOUR Intense red-ruby with purple reflexes.

NOSE Intense, complex and persistent, with black cherry background, dry plums, spicy (green pepper), oak wood and coffee.

PALATE Complex and expressive, ample, strong but round with a spicy lingering aftertaste, with a long slope that highlights the fine and developed tannins.

CULINARY ASSOCIATION Roast duck or baked lamb, aged and/or fermented cheese.