Discover / Wines / Aurelia Visinescu - Anima Grand Reserve 2011

Grape harvest and winemaking:

A refined wine, with an intense, vibrant foretaste, with rich aromas of black and red fruit, well ripened cherries, dried plums and raising, subtle wooned and spicy notes. It displays the solid structure, paired by fine tannins with velvety fruity taste, of marmalade, caramen and dark chocolate at the end. It aftertaste is long, with touches of tobacco and vanilla.

Wine tasting:

Grapes : Varieties 45% Caberbet Sauvignon, 25% Syrah, 18% Merlot, 12% Black Fetească

Vintage: 2011

Type of wine : Dry 

Color : Dark, bright red-garnet

Aroma: Rich, ripe black fruit aromas, dried plums, raisins

Taste/ Aftertaste Fruity, velvety taste, of marmalade, caramel and dark chocolate at the end, with a long aftertaste with hints of tobacco and vanilla

Food associations: Can be served with beef, lamb and game, as well as with cheeses or dark chocolate.

Date of bottling 17.04.2013

No of bottles 6838

Alcohol 14.85 %

Total acidity 4.35 g/L

Residual sugar 2.88 g/L

Region the villages of Finţeşti and Năeni, Buzău, Dealu Mare DOC – CT