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Basarabia Plus – a welcoming Moldovan restaurant, like a family dining room Mihai Eminescu Street no.156

Sticking to Moldovan food and pies, we recommend another fine place, which is worth a visit if you want to try the cuisine of our brothers from across the Prut river. Basarabia Plus is a discreet, pleasant restaurant, without much decor, with traditional napkins on the tables, and a generous menu. The pies from hearth, roasted in the pan, and baked in the oven are filled with cow’s and sheep cheese, potatoes, cabbage, mushrooms, meat and even with halva and pumpkin, the stars of the menu. You can also pick your choice from the Bessarabian and Russian dishes, from bortsches, dumplings and minced meat croquettes, to nutria steak, a rarity on the local market. The prices are smaller than in the La Placinte restaurants; the twisted pies baked in the oven, with cow’s and sheep’s cheese, potatoes, halva, etc,, cost 6 lei (150 g); the pies in the pan with chicken and mushrooms, cown’s cheese and green herbs, cabbage, a.s.o., cost 13 – 18 lei (between 300 and 320 g), a pie baked in the oven with boiled potatoes and onion costs 15 leu (350 g); pelimenii (dumplings) are 15 lei, the bortsch is 10 lei and a Beef Stroganoff is 25 lei.

Adriana Popescu,