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DAVINO, the birth of Premium Romanian Wine

 As many as 68 hectares in property, 18 hectares in land lease, a maximum of 200,000 DAVINO bottles annually, no more than 5,000 kg of grapes per hectare from vines processed through growth control, green cutting and grape chasing. DAVINO mostly focuses on blends that offer personality to wines. 
At the same time, DAVINO produces two regular wines from the most representative Romanian vine varieties – Feteasca Alba (Eng: White Maiden) and Feteasca Neagra (Black Maiden) – to show the world the exceptional value and originality of Romanian viticulture.

 Located in the heart of the Dealu Mare wine-growing region, surrounded by the Buzau river valley to the west, and the Teleajen valley to the east, Ceptura is a hilly area with gentle slopes that are higher to the north-west, towards the Baragan.

The extensive plantations, with an estimated surface of about 600 ha, are located both in the plain – at the foot of the hills, but also on the four main hills and on the valley slopes that separate these forms of relief. The DAVINO plantations are located on each of the four parts of the plateau, on their higher levels, in order to benefit from the maximum pedoclimate potential, but also from the interesting microclimate diversity offered by each of the hills. There is a southern exposure, from place to place with a gentle eastern inclination, on a slope that varies from 7 to 25 %. 

 From a structural point of view, the soil has a high degree of heterogeneous elements, with higher clay content on the two hills facing towards the west and with a lighter structure with limestone formations on the eastern hills. 
The climate is moderate-continental with cold winters and hot summers, but the specific continental climate features are dampened by the Mediterranean hot air masses coming from the south and southwest along the Sub-Carpathians. 

 DAVINO sells 90% of its products through on-trade channels and annually around 60% of the company’s production is sold in advance. DAVINO’s portfolio is structured around 3 lines of products:

  1. DAVINO – the high-end, best known brand, which has been recommended by Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson, Caroline Gilby and Andrew Jefford;
  2. IACOB – a premium brand that has been awarded a Gold Medal and the Press Prize at the 9th edition of Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot & Cabernet Competition and a Silver Medal by Decanter;
  3. FAURAR – an entry-level brand that has been recommended by Decanter.

 Under the DAVINO range the following labels are produced – Alba Valahica and Purpura Valahica (Romanian single-grape varieties), Domaine Ceptura Blanc and Domaine Ceptura Rouge (the best known labels), Revelatio and Flamboyant (the flagship wines).

The IACOB range is formed by IACOB Blanc, IACOB Rouge and IACOB Feteasca Neagra (Romanian single-grape variety), while the Faurar range includes Faurar Alb and Faurar Red (both blends).