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Vinarte, the work of an artist

 In the 90s, Sergio Faleschini, the current Vinarte CEO, was managing director of an international trade company in Paris and was doing business with Romania in the wine field as well. His future business partners were much more experienced in the world of wine and willing to invest in Romanian vineyards. One of them, Fabio Albisetti, was also a producer of quality wines in Tuscany.

 Seduced by their enthusiasm, Faleschini decided to invest in Romania, thus embarking upon a true adventure.  They believed in the great Romanian wine-producing potential, with unique terroirs that few countries can boast about.

 In 1998 they acquired the three estates from Zoreşti – Dealu Mare, Bolovanu – Sâmbureşti and Stârmina – Mehedinţi. They purchased everything at affordable prices, but could not have imagined that the vineyards, as well as the wineries were in such a deplorable condition.

 They had to invest in the reconstruction of the vineyards on 400 hectares, by land clearing and replanting with noble vines, suited to the terroir of each estate. Winemaking centers, found almost in ruins, have been completely renovated and equipped with high technology in accordance with modern requirements.

 Moments of happiness and fulfillment came only after a few years, when the Vinarte wines began to be appreciated, first on the domestic market, then abroad. Many medals and prizes have rewarded our work. Quality wine had begun to be appreciated on the domestic market, too. All this reinforced our belief that we were heading in the right direction.

 The Vinarte generic brand has given great names to Romanian wines, which later became self-standing brands: Prince Matei, Soare, Castel Bolovanu, Prince Mircea, Castel Stârmina.

 In Samburesti, Olt County, Vinarte currently holds an estate with a total area of 60 hectares. The vine-growing region where Castel Bolovanu vineyard lies is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Romania. Based on recent archaeological finds, the hypothesis of its existence 2000 years ago was formulated. The mineral composition is typical for alluvial soils, with the capacity to produce special character wines. The south-western exposure of the terraces, leading down to the Olt River, acting like a thermal regulator, allows the quiet ripening of the vegetation cycles of the grapes. The ideal microclimate of these realms provides an excellent balance between the sugar level, acidity and polyphenols.

 In Starmina, Turnu Severin, Vinarte holds a total of 190 hectares of vines.  An extensive program of vineyards processing and exploitation and modernization of the technology in the cellars was completed in 2009. Thanks to its position in the south-western region of the country, in close proximity of the Danube, with a climate advantaged by the Mediterranean influence, this vineyard has always produced remarkable wines. Statistical climatic data confirm that the temperatures here are ideal throughout the year and there is a significant number of sunshine hours (a study dating from 1868 mentions that “the sun shines on the vineyards all day long”), two major conditions for reaching the full maturity of the grapes. These vineyards have the special designation to produce wines with great character, both reds and whites.

 Between 2001 and 2008, 41 hectares were planted with the white varieties Tămâioasă Românească, Sauvignon Blanc and reds such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Negru de Drăgăşani, Fetească Neagră and Novac.

 The confidence in the potential of Romanian viticulture, the fascination with a tradition that, in this region, dates back to antiquity, the desire to restore the prestige of Romanian wines in the world are only three reasons that have convinced us to give a name to our ambition to produce exceptional wine.

 The investments in production needed to achieve this goal are in continuous progress by the acquisition of new vineyards and by planting young vines.

As it was natural, the choice of the production centers has been the result of thorough studies carried out by the specialists of the company who managed to identify in a short time, in three renowned wine growing areas, lands capable of producing excellent wines. Thus, three wine estates have been purchased, namely Zoresti - Dealu Mare, Bolovanu - Samburesti and Starmina - Mehedinti (a total of nearly 344 hectares of vineyards), which nowadays form the productive structure of the company, each with its own "personality" shaped by different soil and climate conditions.