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AVINCIS, the symbol of the revival

Avincis is the symbol of the revival of an old passion which started long time ago, when the mansion in the neo-Romanian style built in 1905, close to Northern Oltenia region churches, was bought by Maria and Iancu Râmniceanu, together with almost 40 hectares of vineyard in the famous region of Drăgăşani.

 The beauty of this place dominating the Dobruşa Hill was ruined during the communist regime which was installed in Romania after World War II, but Cristiana and Valeriu Stoica have succeeded in bringing back to life the destroyed vineyard. As they wished to combine tradition and modernity, they hired Romanian architect Alexandru Beldiman who realised an original work of modern architecture for the wine cellar harmoniously married with the traditional family mansion. Villa Dobruşa is now an excellent place to visit and to enjoy tasting the wines created at the Avincis Winery.

 This adventure began in 2007, when Cristiana and Valeriu Stoica discovered their passion for wine, while returning to the family cradle and deciding to restore the entire property inherited from Cristiana’s great-grand parents, Maria and Iancu. The beauty of the place, the quality of the wines in this region were a true revelation for both of them.

 Located on the left bank of the Olt river, the largest tributary to the Danube, the Drăgăşani wine-growing region extends on 60 km, from the Getic Sub-Carpathians to the north, to the Romanian Plain to the south.

 The Villa Dobruşa Estate, where the Avincis Winery is located, is relatively small for Romanian standards (almost 42 planted hectares) and practically covers the entire hill, as well as its slopes gently descending towards the valleys. With an altitude of more than 300 meters, the exposure to the sun is exceptional and the slopes surrounding the winery absorb the first sun rays and preserve the last ones.

 The dominating soils in the vineyard are mostly clay, with traces of limestone or sand, depending on the plot. The climate of the vineyard is temperate-continental, with slight Mediterranean influences, but its main characteristic is a balanced weather. Due to its position on the Olt river valley which performs a regulating influence, the vineyard has a good humidity even in the hottest summer months. The old local varieties such as Crâmpoşie, Romanian Tămâioasă, Royal Fetească or Black of Drăgăşani have a beautiful expression, as well as many other wine varieties which have also been introduced in the Drăgăşani vineyard, such as the Sauvignon Blanc, Muscat Ottonel, Grey Pinot, Pinot Noir, Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon, grape varieties adapted very well to the climate and soil conditions.

 The Villa Dobrusa Eastate blends the traditional aspect of the mansion with the modern architecture of the winery. Passion, perseverance and care combine to produce some of the best Romanian wines.

 The priorities of Avincis are the quality and the respect for the terroir, using the most efficient agricultural methods – from the top-performing equipment used in the vineyard, to the hand-picking of the grapes and the production of the wines in a winery equipped with atste-of-the-art technology. The experience of the farming engineer, coupled with the creativity of the oenologist work in perfect harmony to produce some of the best wines ever made at Villa Dobrusa.