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Wine Princess, the beginning of Romanian enotourism

 Close to Arad, at the foot of the mountains, the prestigious historical Minis vineyard fell prey to oblivion in the troubled 20th century. The legendary Aszú red wine made here, the spicy Cadarca, the velvety reds and the delicate Fetească Regală (Eng: Royal Maiden) were once known throughout Europe. The Wine Princess company has endeavored, since 1999, to regain the fame of this historical vineyard.

 Of the 70 hectares owned by the company, 85% are planted to red grapes, and 15 %, to white grapes. The storage capacity of the winery is of 5,000 hl. With a special terroir and a climate similar to that on the Adriatic Coast, Minis produces the pride of the wine-growing region, its red wines. The company’s top wines are the Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cadarca. Cadarca is the most important variety, which once produced the Aszú wine.

 Balla Geza’s passion for wine and his 30-year-old experience in the field are coalesced in every single bottle, especially as, in order to highlight the terroir, a new brand of wines, Stone Wine, was launched one year ago. “We have a new brand for the wines produced from the vineyards planted on the tallest hills, at heights of up to 400-500 meters, the rock wines – Stone Wine – which really boasts special qualities. These wines are made from grapes in the vines growing in places where the layer of fertile soil does not exceed 25-30 cm, and which highlight the terroir very well. The Minis vineyard has excellent natural pedo-climatic conditions, which made its reds fit for the Imperial Court of Austria centuries ago, especially the Cadarca variety, which Maria Theresia was particularly keen of,” says the Arad-based oenologist.

 Today, Balla Geza’s winery is known throughout the country not just for its great wines, but for being one of the best places to spend a vacation, as well. The vintage hotel, the traditional food and the “home made wine” are the perfect combination to make one’s stay memorable.